International Nuclear Safety Center (INSC) was founded in accordance with a Joint Declaration on Establishing International Nuclear Safety Centers, adopted in January 1996 on economical and technological cooperation. International Center carries out R&D work to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants (NPP), research reactors, space and maritime nuclear reactors. The INSC maitains nuclear safety databases, and provide 24-hr access to them through the INTERNET. INSC is open to cooperation with national and international organizations. The scope of activity of the International Center covers all aspects related to the safety and technology of nuclear facilities for civil application. The main activities of the International Center are as follows:

  • – Developing Databases on the safety of nuclear installations.
  • – Improving software, hardware and techniques used in the safety analysis of nuclear installations.
  • – Enhancing the safety of operating nuclear installations.
  • – Coordinating work on the safety of nuclear facilities in international projects.
  • – Operating a computing center to perform calculations with modern codes on NPP safety.

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